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The DripAssist  Infusion Rate Monitor for Veterinary Infusions


Safe, Continuous Monitoring for IV Infusions Without a Pump

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DripAssist for Veterinary Infusions is a simple, accurate Infusion Rate Monitor that easily clips onto any gravity drip set to continuously monitor flow rate and volume when administering IV fluids or medication to any animal.

Rest assured that every animal in your care receives the safest and most accurate gravity-based IV infusions, without having to rely on an expensive and cumbersome infusion pump!

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Versatile & Portable

Runs on a single AA battery​​​

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Easy to Use

Product training takes < 5 min​​

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Cell Friendly for RBC Transfusions

Maximize cell viability during transfusions

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Automatically Set and Monitor

Instantly set target flow rate​​​

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Actionable Data

Digital display shows total volume, rate

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Eliminate Frequent Checks

Optional alarm if rate changes or stops

*compatible with all B. Braun blood transfusion sets 

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precise monitoring of gravity iv infusion

DripAssist automatically detects and monitors infusion drop rates with the highest accuracy on the market.  DripAssist ensures veterinarians can administer any gravity-infused medication in the precise amount and at the exact rate required for safe and accurate treatment. 


  • 99% accuracy in detecting infusion drop rate

  • Compatible across any 10, 15, 20, or 60 gtt/mL dripset

  • Monitor the rate and volume of medication delivered - dp/min, mL/hr, total mL, and time

Immediate insight to actionable information

Infusion data is automatically collected and integrated into the veterinarian's reporting system to support the animal's treatment program. This gives veterinarians immediate insight into the status of infusion rates and any errors against prescription targets to help improve the health outcomes for the animals. 


  • Easily monitor infusion speed and volume against prescription targets

  • Immediate visibility into status of infusion rate and any errors

  • Auto alarm to proactively alert on any infusion malfunction

simplified and efficient workflows 

DripAssist constantly monitors gravity IV infusions with a simple, easy to use platform that seamlessly integrates into existing care protocols with minimal training needs. 


  • Integrate infusion data into your animal's health records and treatment plans

  • Remotely monitor and manage gravity infused medication delivery

  • Never needs calibration or costly maintenance

Purchase DripAssist for Veterinary Infusions

For veterinary product sales outside of the US, please contact us for a formal quote and wire payment instructions. International credit cards are not accepted on our online store.

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