Statement from Shift Labs CEO Beth Kolko about our new partnership with Hometa

Shift Labs is excited to announce today that we have joined forces with a US partner, NY-based Hometa, for distribution of the DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor in the US and other select markets.

This new partnership marks the first time DripAssist will be in the hands of an experienced commercial partner that will bring the product to the world more broadly. It allows our team to focus on pursuing new innovations that can increase healthcare equity globally. And we can now launch new partnerships in other regions to strengthen our relationships with healthcare providers in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Since we started this company over 8 years ago, we've been committed to building new kinds of medical devices that would be simple, affordable, and accessible, and in turn contribute to more equitable healthcare delivery worldwide. We've loved working with providers in all sorts of environments, from home infusion in the US to maternal care in Kenya, from Ebola responders in Democratic Republic of Congo to COVID responders in New Jersey, from medics in Syria to Doctors without Borders. Our team expertise is on the ground with those providers -- designing devices that meet their needs and wants and that are surprisingly easy to use.

When we started building devices with an eye to great human-centered design and the belief that Simple Saves Lives, we had emerging markets in mind; to our surprise, we discovered that healthcare practitioners in the US, Europe, and elsewhere were also enthusiastic about this approach. We've learned that when you build something that is simple to use, priced affordably, and that lasts a long time -- it appeals to customers everywhere.

We've also learned that the focus of the medical device industry tends to be on hospitals, but increasing amounts of healthcare happens outside of hospitals, in homes or outpatient centers. This approach definitely helps reduce hospital acquired infections, and it’s a lot more affordable; even more importantly, it’s more patient-centered, providing people with convenience and the comfort of their homes and communities. In these Covid-19 times, we’ve learned additional lessons on the importance of delivering high quality medical care across a range of settings; simple tools, like our DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor family of devices, are the kinds of equipment that optimize distributed healthcare delivery and give patients more choices on how they want to receive care.

Thank you for being part of our world, and for welcoming us into yours.

Learn more about our new partnership with Hometa here.

Beth Kolko

Shift Labs Co-Founder & CEO