Hometa & Shift Labs Partner to Advance Alternate Site Infusion Care with DripAssist

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Hometa & Shift Labs Partner to Advance Alternate-Site Infusion Care with DripAssist®

Collaboration Links Manufacturing, Distribution and Product Innovation to Support Acute and Chronic Illness

ALBANY NY, SEATTLE, WA: Hometa announces their entry into the IV infusion administration market by obtaining exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor device in select markets. Shift Labs has granted Hometa an exclusive license for the commercialization of DripAssist in both civilian and government human health care sectors throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America (with the exception of Brazil).

DripAssist, the first generation of this technology, was designed to simplify the measurement and monitoring of gravity administered IV infusions by providing a lightweight, continuous digital readout of infusion rate, with 99% accurate drop detection. This compact device easily attaches to an IV set drip chamber and features an optional audio-visual alert to inform caregivers when required. DripAssist can run for 360 hours on a single AA battery and takes only a few minutes to learn. No calibration is required, and it functions with any tubing size and most IV drip sets for near-universal compatibility.

“We are extremely pleased to add this technology platform to our initial portfolio for IV infusion administration since DripAssist connects the inherently lower pressure mechanism of gravity infusion with the accuracy of infusion pump flow rate monitoring. We are excited about working with Shift Labs on the development of future generations of the DripAssist technology that will increase flow rate control to the lower pressure IV administration and measurement accuracy features,” said Hometa President & CEO, Jeff Hover.

“Hometa is an ideal partner to accelerate commercialization of DripAssist. They have a rapidly growing portfolio of products to address home-based infusion care, which DripAssist complements,“ said Koji Intlekofer, CTO and co-founder of Shift Labs.

DripAssist fills a unique role in the delivery of infusion therapies that are essential in managing acute and chronic illnesses. Until now, most infusions have been performed with an electronic pump. The pumps currently in use, while efficient, have drawbacks that constrain wider adoption in non-hospital settings: they cost thousands of dollars, maintenance contracts constitute a significant and ongoing expense, the technology is complex and requires intensive and repeated training, and the pumps require reliable power supply not available in all settings.

Beth Kolko, CEO and co-founder said, “Koji and I built Shift Labs because we believe there is a significant opportunity to develop new, innovation-driven, yet affordable and accessible medical devices that address healthcare inequalities and provide best-in-class care to patients worldwide, regardless of where they seek care. Infusion, in particular, has traditionally been divided between users of costly and complex infusion pump systems and those facilities forced to provide fluid and medication via unmonitored gravity infusion. For infusions without pumps, the practice of counting and converting drops to total volume is tricky, time consuming and prone to error. DripAssist simplifies this step by providing continuous electronic monitoring for infusions.”

Shift Labs developed DripAssist specifically to meet the needs of healthcare settings that benefit from simple and accessible technologies that don’t require maintenance or extensive training. DripAssist has been deployed in over 200 healthcare settings, from military field settings to outpatient settings throughout America. In the past year, the United States Air Force partnered with Shift Labs to use DripAssist to provide life-saving infusions to wounded soldiers in austere battlefield settings that lack equipment, power supply and time.

Hometa was launched by Jeff Hover to capitalize on a structural transition underway of healthcare treatment shifting from hospitals to home care settings. Many studies support that infusion treatments given at home can help reduce overall costs and ease hospital capacity issues. Patients, especially those in remote areas, often prefer receiving infusion therapies in the comfort of their own home, where there is also less exposure to other sick patients.

The partnership agreement is effective immediately, with Hometa taking over DripAssist manufacturing and commercialization activities for most of the Americas. The two organizations will partner to develop future generations of the DripAssist device which will add wireless communication and infusion rate control capabilities.

Adds Kolko: “We are delighted to launch this partnership. Our work with Hometa puts much of North and South America in the experienced and capable hands of Hometa’s team and allows the Shift Labs engineers and product innovation specialists to focus on our core mission of delivering and accelerating healthcare equity while also building partnerships in Europe, emerging markets across the globe, and the global health community.”

Visit Hometa.com for more information about this partnership. Visit www.shiftlabs.com for more information about DripAssist globally.


Shift Labs: CEO Beth Kolko, beth@shiftlabs.com, or CTO Koji Intlekofer, koji@shiftlabs.com at +1 206.369.1216.

Hometa: Cabrina McGinn, cabrina.mcginn@hometa.com