COVID-19: Information on DripAssist Use and Procurement

We are incredibly grateful for frontline workers’ enduring commitment to care in the face of personal risk to provide for those in need. We, in turn, are doing our best to support medical professionals and ensure access to equipment they need in this difficult time.

Recent Covid-19 related medical surges and pump shortages have resulted in providers and health systems turning to gravity infusion for the administration of fluids, antibiotics and other IV therapies. The DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor is the only FDA-cleared and CE-marked product that can accurately monitor gravity IV infusion while also providing a simplicity that allows facilities to rapidly respond in a health crisis that puts pressure on limited infusion pump supply.

Monitored gravity infusion with DripAssist is a proven solution for transitioning to gravity IVs:

Additionally, the WHO guidance for “Priority Medical Devices in the Context of COVID-19” released on April 9th, 2020 includes an electronic drop counter in the list of recommended medical equipment. DripAssist functions as a 99% accurate electronic drop counter that can also alert users when drip rates change or a bag is empty.

If DripAssist can help you meet a need, or you have questions: please fill out the contact form here. Our customer care line is also available M-F 9am-5pm PST at +1 206-369-1216.

We are working hard to ensure that inquiries receive a response from a Shift Labs team member within 8 hours. Early planning helps us manage our supply chain and ensure your access to our inventory.