Shift Labs Announces Expansion of Patent Portfolio Covering Data Capture for a Next-Gen Product

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Press Release: Shift Labs Announces Expansion of Patent Portfolio Covering Data Capture for a Next-Gen Infusion Product

New patent provides coverage for data connectivity and real-time monitoring of gravity intravenous (IV) infusions

SEATTLE, WA - Shift Labs, Inc., a Seattle-based medtech company that designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality infusion technologies, announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a new key patent covering data connectivity and real-time monitoring for intravenous (IV) therapies administered by gravity infusion.

This new patent secures key elements of Shift Labs’ award-winning DripAssist® Infusion Rate Monitor technology, protecting the upcoming integration of data capture and wireless capabilities for the product line. DripAssist is a simple, handheld device that provides real-time precision monitoring for IV treatments, allowing for easy management of infusions without a traditional infusion pump.

“Gravity infusion is still ubiquitous in healthcare worldwide,” stated Shift Labs CEO Beth Kolko. “You can see gravity drips in US hospitals and homes everyday, and DripAssist has allowed these infusions to be continuously monitored for the first time. Introducing wireless data connectivity to gravity infusion monitoring will increase providers’ ability to provide efficient, cost-effective care.”

As infusion therapy rapidly moves from hospitals towards lower cost care settings such as outpatient clinics and home care, more solutions are needed to efficiently monitor these therapies and capture treatment data into patient records.

“Perhaps the most exciting impact of this patent will be for pharmaceutical companies and CROs performing early stage drug dosing trials,” said Lori Thompson, Chief Commercialization Officer at Shift Labs. “These partners will be able for the first time to collect accurate infusion data regardless of where a trial is being conducted worldwide, likely providing new insights for drug trials.”

U.S. Patent No. 10,265,468 "Device for Monitoring an Infusion Set," is Shift Labs’ fifth issued patent. It encompasses communication and connectivity between a monitored IV infusion and a software system or database, applying to a range of wired and wireless network protocols. This disclosure is a continuation-in-part of previous patents owned by Shift Labs that describe devices, methods, and systems for monitoring fluid flow rates and the delivery of IV fluids and medications.

About Shift Labs

Shift Labs, Inc. is a Seattle-based company that creates well-designed medical devices for fast-growing healthcare sectors, everywhere from alternate site care in the US to clinical care in emerging markets. The DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor is their first product and has previously been recognized as one of Popular Science Magazine’s 12 Best Healthcare Innovations of 2016, as well as receiving the MedTech Conference’s 2017 Global Health Innovation Award, a Silver medal from the Industrial Designers Society of America IDEA awards, funding from USAID as part of the Ebola Grand Challenge and Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development and a Phase 1 SBIR from the Air Force. Learn more at


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