Shift Labs Continues to Grow Home Infusion Presence: New Partnership with New England Life Care

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Shift Labs Continues to Grow Home Infusion Presence, Announcing New Partnership with New England Life Care

SEATTLE, WA – Shift Labs is pleased to announce that its DripAssist™ Infusion Rate Monitor continues to expand its footprint in the home and alternate site infusion market, helping innovative organizations deliver best-in-class, affordable care to patients across the country. Their latest partnership is with New England Life Care (NELC), a leading regional provider of home infusion services throughout northern New England. Shift Labs’ award-winning DripAssist device is a lightweight tool optimized for the needs of home care patients that provides precision real-time monitoring for any intravenous (IV) treatment.

Shift Labs and NELC have worked together over the past three months to create opportunities for clinicians to streamline their delivery of infusions in patients’ homes. This has meant transitioning to continuously monitored gravity infusion with DripAssist for more efficient, simpler treatment. Additionally, this has allowed NELC nurses to focus on their patients rather than on complicated infusion technology and to reduce costs related to the rental/acquisition and deployment of pumps.

“The benefits of receiving care in the home are clear, and expanding these benefits requires a combination of new tools like DripAssist and forward-thinking clinicians like the leadership at NELC,” says Beth Kolko, CEO of Shift Labs. “Too often we’ve seen complexity associated with quality care. Working with NELC has taught us what a patient-first perspective looks like in practice, showing how simple, affordable solutions like DripAssist allow more patients to get great care and service in the comfort of their homes while more effectively controlling the cost of care.”

Melissa Pollender, Regional Director of Quality & Operations at NELC notes, “The infusion industry has focused on delivering medications via pumps for decades, but quality care can also be achieved with simple approaches like monitored gravity infusion. DripAssist is a great opportunity to integrate the newest infusion approaches and re-think existing practices that can be easier and more efficient for nurses and patients.”

Many patients in home and alternate site care settings don’t need complex infusion systems, which can be costly and burdensome to operate. NELC is helping redefine the industry by showing how new technology can make infusion delivery simpler, more affordable, and accessible to more patients and clinicians.

“Patients come first, and our goal at NELC is to work with our clinical staff to identify and deploy new ways to ensure the best experiences for them and their patients,” says Janice Donovan, Regional Director of Nursing at NELC. “We’re constantly improving how we deliver care, and this means being not just a clinician, but also an educator – learning, sharing and empowering organizations to introduce new protocols. We’re excited to share our innovations to help shape the industry’s standards through the utilization of technologies like DripAssist.”

About Shift Labs

Shift Labs, Inc. is a Seattle-based company that creates well-designed medical devices for fast-growing healthcare sectors, everywhere from alternate site care in the US to clinical care in emerging markets. The DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor is their first product and has previously been recognized as one of Popular Science Magazine’s 12 Best Healthcare Innovations of 2016, as well as receiving the MedTech Conference’s 2017 Global Health Innovation Award, a Silver medal from the Industrial Designers Society of America IDEA awards and funding from USAID as part of the Ebola Grand Challenge and Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development. Learn more at

About New England Life Care

New England Life Care is a non-profit hospital collaborative providing home infusion services to patients from more than 50 member hospitals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. NEC provides experienced, efficient and effective home infusion therapy, home infusion nursing and specialty pharmacy services including nutritional, anti-infective, chemotherapy, pain management, and more to communities across Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Their comprehensive Anti-Infective and Nutrition Support Clinical Management programs for adult and pediatric home infusion therapy further advance the safety, success and satisfaction of our patients. They are affiliated New England’s most prestigious medical centers, and they have a responsive network of home infusion therapy clinicians, pharmacists, logistic support staff, billing and insurance experts that allow patients to start their home infusion therapy treatments fast—often within hours of notification.


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