Clinical Highlight: Ketamine Study of Chicago


Ketamine Center of Chicago is the first of its kind in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Bal Nandra MD is an anesthesiologist trained at the University of Chicago Hospitals Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care with nearly 20 years of clinical experience. He opened his clinic to help patients who suffer from conditions for which all other therapies have failed, such as treatment-resistant depression. Intravenous ketamine treatment has been called “the most significant advance in mental health in more than half a century” due to its rapid antidepressant effects efficacy rate of 70%. Patients come to Dr. Nandra after years of struggling through depression, hopeless after having exhausted all other management options. Many of them turn to the Ketamine Center of Chicago after years of struggling to relieve their crippling depression. Dr. Nandra trusts DripAssist to ensure his patients receive safe and effective infusions.

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