Bridging the gap for patient safety needs during intravenous infusions

DripAssist usability study from Madigan Army Medical Center presented at WA ACEP

When it comes to thinking about how people around the world receive healthcare, we need to remember that patients receive care from all kinds of clinicians: doctors, nurses, medics, midwives and others. That means when Shift Labs builds products, we design them so they are easy to use for everyone, regardless of who they are or where they work.

Earlier this year, we worked with the Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) to validate the broad applicability of our DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor to help clinicians provide effective intravenous infusions in any clinical setting. We launched the MAMC study because of our commitment to any clinician on the front lines of providing healthcare.

MAMC’s findings echo what we’re seeing in the field. Over the past year, we’ve seen nurses, EMTs, midwives and doctors effectively administer medications with DripAssist around the world, impacting patients and healthcare providers in hospitals in Kenya and Haiti, field hospitals in Iraq, and infusion centers in rural US.

The team from MAMC explored DripAssist as a patient safety bridge in austere, pre-hospital, or battlefield patient care environments by working with a wide range of Emergency Department personnel (RNs, EMTs, Paramedics, Medics, Physician Assistants). They wanted to know if any clinician could provide drugs or fluids safely with a simple tool like DripAssist.

The MAMC team recently presented results from their study at the Washington meeting of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Their results showed that clinicians found DripAssist to be easy to set up and understand, and they were confident in their ability to use DripAssist even after limited and one-time training.

Their research helps us understand how one simple tool can be seamlessly integrated by everyone from doctors to medics.

Read the findings of the MAMC study here.

Beth Kolko

Co-founder & CEO