Applying Human Centered Design to IV Infusions

Interview with Dr. Beth Kolko, CEO of Shift Labs

With the aspiration to address healthcare gaps around globe by applying human centered design to medical technologies, Shift Labs, a 2015 Y Combinator company, is first tackling the infusion market with DripAssist. Formerly known as Drip Clip, as reported previously by Medgadget, DripAssist automatically calculates an IV infusion drip rate, total volume of the infusion, and can set an alarm to alert a nurse when the drip rate changes or stops. DripAssist has been in the veterinary market since 2014 and has been available for human use thanks to an FDA clearance beginning earlier this year. We had a chance to sit down with Dr. Beth Kolko, CEO of Shift Labs and Professor at University of Washington, to learn more about DripAssist and the incredible strides Shift Labs has taken over the past couple years.

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