Flow Regulators and Accuracy

There’s no getting around it, infusion pumps are expensive and simple roller clamps are erratic and can’t deliver predictable flow. Fortunately, there’s a time-tested, low-cost alternative to expensive infusion pumps and unpredictable drip clamps: the flow regulator. To determine precision of flow, Shift Labs designed a test to measure the output of each setting on a standard flow regulator. The results of our study concluded that while the flow regulator is an essential tool for gravity infusion applications, its accuracy rate fluctuates between -10% to +20%, requiring constant monitoring.

The flow monitor’s efficacy is multiplied with the addition of an electronic monitor, such as the DripAssist. DripAssist was designed to meet the need for infusion precision in clinical applications and across various settings, ensuring accuracy of infusion and freeing the provider to monitor and attend to other patient needs.

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