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Accuracy Fluctuations in Gravity Infusion Techniques

December 1, 2015


While medical technologies continue to reach dizzying new heights of sophistication with each passing day, healthcare professionals still rely on time - honored methodologies to achieve excellent patient care. One of the most basic is gravity infusion, a valuable technique that is nevertheless prone to inaccuracies which may be credited to a variety of factors. The DripAssist attaches to any drip set and monitors gravity infusion to ensure that flow rates remain within a set range, providing the utmost accuracy and precision in a variety of environmental conditions. 

For this paper, we gathered and analyzed quantitative flow rate data to determine the accuracy of infusion gravity drip flow. We observed a large fluctuation in drip rates, and concluded that drip size variation plays a significant role in the accuracy of infusion administration. While gravity infusion has traditionally been prone to error, the addition of a DripAssist device delivers a high accuracy rate – a notable innovation in low-cost, high-quality healthcare.


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