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Get easier and faster infusions with the portable, simple DripAssist® Infusion Rate Monitor.

DripAssist Veterinary is a simple, accurate Infusion Rate Monitor that easily clips onto any gravity drip set to continuously monitor flow rate and volume when administering IV fluids or medication.

Safe, continuous monitoring for IV infusions without a pump.

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Make every drop count in your canine blood transfusions.

Emerging research shows that the use of infusion pumps for canine RBC delivery is associated with a high risk of cell damage and loss.


DripAssist enables you to give accurately monitored transfusions by gravity drip to maximize cell viability.

VIDEO: Using Gravity Drip for Canine Blood Transfusions

with Kenichiro Yagi, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM)

Carefully monitor your infusion rate

With DripAssist's instant digital readout, setting a target flow rate for your gravity infusion has never been easier.


Know how much you've administered

DripAssist displays the total volume dispensed for every infusion.

Eliminate the need for frequent checks

DripAssist's optional alarm lets you know if the drip rate changes or stops.


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