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The DripAssist  Platform



DripAssist is the smart solution to simplify IV medication delivery. 

As the healthcare industry quickly shifts towards value-based care, reimbursement models are changing.  Expensive hospital stays are no longer a sustainable pathway for many patient services.  Organizations are increasingly delivering care to patients in their home or in alternate site locations to save money, improve patient satisfaction and reduce hospital readmissions.

For out-of-hospital IV medication delivery, maintaining hospital-grade pumps is expensive, complex and often leads to equipment malfunction or failure which adds unnecessary cost and complexity back into the care cycle.

The DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor platform is the perfect solution for simplified IV medication delivery.  Every day, more and more infusion providers are moving away from infusion pumps and adopting monitored gravity IV administration with DripAssist to deliver safe, accurate and affordable infusion treatment.

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The DripAssist Difference

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Clinical Validation

Proven clinical results showing DripAssist  improves the accuracy of administering gravity IV infusions and reducing the frequency of side effects associated with gravity infusions.

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Improved Care

DripAssist enables 70% of infusions that are done with pumps to move to gravity, with no impact to patient safety.  This helps infusion providers reduce the cost of monitoring gravity infusions by up to 50%.

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Patient Satisfaction

DripAssist enables safe and affordable home infusion therapy, dramatically increasing patient satisfaction and convenience that lead to improved health outcomes. 

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Population Health

DripAssist has been adopted by Global Health Organizations and military agencies to deliver safe infusions to support global humanitarian, disaster relief, and pandemic response, including recent COVID-19 and Ebola outbreaks.

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