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The DripAssist  Infusion Rate Monitor for Hospital and Acute Care


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Within emergency room settings, while sensitive therapies are administered to patients with infusion pumps, less sensitive medications including antibiotics and hydration fluids are often given using gravity IV.  These gravity infusions require monitoring by nurses to ensure the fluid is administered at the prescribed rates and volumes. 

Infusion pumps aren't always available in the ER because of supply shortages or maintenance backlogs.  Monitored gravity IV with DripAssist provides the safe and accurate delivery of medication to patients, giving nurses more control and confidence over the infusion.  

The DripAssist Platform allows infusion providers to:

  • SEAMLESSLY monitor and document

              the time, rate, location & duration of any gravity infusion 

  • Gain IMMEDIATE visibility

              into treatment adherence & precision markers

  • Make DATA-DRIVEN decisions

              to improve and simplify workflow

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Why DripAssist 

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Reduce Asset Costs

DripAssist is small, lightweight and portable, reducing the burden and cost of asset tracking for large, expensive infusion pumps.

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Diversify Delivery Services

DripAssist enables more medications to be safely and affordably given via gravity IV so you can efficiently treat more patients with less overhead.

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Safeguard for Emergencies

DripAssist expands your ability to continue to provide safe infusion treatment during emergencies and when demand surges.

precise monitoring of gravity iv infusion

DripAssist automatically detects and monitors infusion drop rates with the highest accuracy on the market.  DripAssist ensures providers can administer any gravity-infused medication in the precise amount and at the exact rate required for safe and accurate treatment. 


  • 99% accuracy in infusion drop detection

  • Compatible across any 10, 15, 20, or 60 gtt/mL dripset

  • Monitor the rate and volume of medication delivered - dp/min, mL/hr, total mL, and time

Immediate insight to actionable information

Infusion data is automatically collected and integrated into the provider’s reporting system and patient’s electronic health record. This gives providers immediate insight into the status of infusion rates and any errors against prescription targets to help improve patient outcomes. 


  • Easily monitor infusion speed and volume against prescription targets

  • Immediate visibility into status of infusion rate and any errors

  • Auto alarm to proactively alert on any infusion malfunction

simplified and efficient workflows 

DripAssist constantly monitors gravity IV infusions with a simple, easy to use platform that seamlessly integrates into existing care protocols with minimal training needs. 


  • Integrate infusion data into patient health records and treatment plans

  • Remotely monitor and manage gravity infused medication delivery

  • Never needs calibration or costly maintenance

Improving Hospital Operations with DripAssist

Happy Doctor

"In the ER, our critical pediatric, congestive heart failure and kidney failure patients require their gravity infusions to always be monitored."


Nurse, Emergency Services 

Purchase DripAssist

DripAssist is approved for use in the United States and certain other regions. 

Product Details

The award-winning DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor is a compact, battery-operated device that clips to any gravity IV drip to provide precision flow rate and volume monitoring. DripAssist brings quick IV setup, easier time management and measurable cost savings to any care environment, ranging from outpatient infusion to acute care.


Single AA, lasts 360 hours


3.8 oz


127 x 62 x 28mm (5 x 2.4 x 1.1in)

Measurement Units

Flow rate (mL/h), drops per minute (dp/m) and total volume (mL)


99% accuracy in detecting drops


1 year limited warranty

Note for USA Customers

Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed practitioner. Only trained, qualified personnel should operate the DripAssist.

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