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The DripAssist  Infusion Rate Monitor for Public Health


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Shift Labs works closely with leading global health organizations and military agencies to help provide the safe administration of medications to support public health, humanitarian need, disaster relief, and pandemic response around the globe. 

DripAssist enables front line doctors, nurses and other medical providers to save lives with safer administration of critical medications, and promotes both social and economic health equity.

In many underserved, low resourced regions, safe and accurate IV medication administration is essential to ensure the attainment of the highest possible level of care to all citizens.  

DripAssist enables infusion providers to proactively monitor gravity-based IV infusion, in any environment.  


This helps providers ensure that medications are being administered accurately and in accordance to prescribed treatment plans. 

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DripAssist has been adopted by leading Global Health organizations to deliver safe and accurate infusions in many low-to-middle income countries in response to recent COVID-19 and Ebola outbreaks.


precise monitoring of gravity iv infusion

DripAssist automatically detects and monitors infusion drop rates with the highest accuracy on the market.  DripAssist ensures providers can administer any gravity-infused medication in the precise amount and at the exact rate required for safe and accurate treatment. 


  • 99% accuracy in detecting infusion drop detection

  • Compatible across any 10, 15, 20, or 60 gtt/mL dripset

  • Monitor the rate and volume of medication delivered - dp/min, mL/hr, total mL, and time

Immediate insight to actionable information

Infusion data is automatically collected and integrated into the provider’s reporting system and patient’s electronic health record. This gives providers immediate insight into the status of infusion rates and any errors against prescription targets to help improve patient outcomes. 


  • Easily monitor infusion speed and volume against prescription targets

  • Immediate visibility into status of infusion rate and any errors

  • Auto alarm to proactively alert on any infusion malfunction

simplified and efficient workflows 

DripAssist constantly monitors gravity IV infusions with a simple, easy to use platform that seamlessly integrates into existing care protocols with minimal training needs. 


  • Integrate infusion data into patient health records and treatment plans

  • Remotely monitor and manage gravity infused medication delivery

  • Never needs calibration or costly maintenance

Improving Patient Safety with DripAssist

“The use of DripAssist had a significant impact on improving infusion accuracy levels of medications administered with gravity infusion.”


Lead Medical Doctor, Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

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“During our deployment, our infusion pumps broke and we relied on DripAssist. It provided constant, accurate infusion rate data for the administration of multiple medications, including tranexamic acid, levetiracetam, norepinephrine, and propofol. This is now my preferred solution in the field.”


MAJ John E. Buonora, PhD, CRNA

“In the time constrained trauma environment, DripAssist allows for the administration of medications quicker and more accurately freeing hands for additional interventions prior to MEDEVAC.”


Army Medic

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for Public Health and Humanitarian Use

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