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About Us

Shift Labs is passionately dedicated to improving the health of patients receiving IV medication in any care environment. 

Our award-winning DripAssist solution is the only FDA-cleared infusion rate monitor that helps deliver safe and accurate infusions, enabling the shift of infusion therapy from the hospital to the home and beyond. 

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Our Culture and Values

At Shift Labs, there is nothing more important than our people, our biggest asset.  Our team continually drives our mission to 'enable safe, affordable precision drug delivery' to anyone, anywhere. 

Every day we put our values at the forefront of our work, which include: 




          by doing what is right, every time



          so that we never stop learning and improving



          by working together as a team towards a common purpose



          in how we interact and communicate



          for every individual and their contribution


          to each other, our customers and our partners

Meet The Team

Representative Clients

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